restless young ROMANIAC

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset dsyitf unrated
Created 2013-05-21
Last Modified 2013-05-22
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Description he's a new world man

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Im on your profile now <3

btw its 123leonidas321 without 2 a's but whatevah THANKS BRO



firstly the tiles look rugged and a bit messy but while playing you noticen they are perfect :) 5
The influences of the post-punk genre are there. So I can understand the tag, but according to, they say they're more jangle pop.
I don't see how they are considered post-punk as I would compare them to The Cure and New Order rather than Joy Division.
Lead singer.

dagga and leo...

Created: 18 hours ago
Last Modified: 16 hours ago

I thought this said: 16 hours ago
you know me so well!


it /does/ say that


is that not what it says?


did i do that

I thought this said

restless young romaniac at first



don't know them very well, but from what i've heard.. they're solid enough, but not /superrr/ my thing

very unique game play
the trampoline room was very cool!