One Eyed Fish

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Author Unicorn_Drone
Tags author:unicorn_drone unrated
Created 2013-06-24
Last Modified 2013-06-24
Map Data

Description Wanted to make a map, came up with this fish.

At least I tried, I really did.

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innych xd musisz poczekać na nominacje do 2013 ;d

hey hey hey

you forgot about something [] ;>

but you can have 2nd place, that's fine with me

indeed. dronies 2k13 are mine ; d
sry for double post :P


best tileset 2013

liczą się chęci. 10/10

Demo Data
...uh, I mean play

Impossible to win, because you need to be alive for 2 frames (get switch, get door). I think as a tileset you should have rounded it out and added some more detail.