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Level classifications:
Action [] - no time to breathe
Adventure [] - explore and discover
Experimental [] - not your average level
Highscore [] - gotta get all that gold
Jumper [] - perp jumps and airtime
Runner [] - speed and propulsion
Secrets [] - more than one exit


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Thumbnail of the map 'The Sound that is Dubstep' Thumbnail of the map 'Garniate's Cataclysm' Thumbnail of the map 'Del'Thatchka, the Cruelest of Gods' Thumbnail of the map 'Random Sarlacc Pit' Thumbnail of the map 'Slavic Geomorphology' Thumbnail of the map 'Recoil'
The Sound that is Dubstep Garniate's Cataclysm Del'Thatchka, the Cruelest of Gods Random Sarlacc Pit Slavic Geomorphology Recoil