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Created 2013-07-26
Last Modified 2013-07-26
by 11 people.
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Description load an empty map before playing

This map was featured on 2016-01-14

So yer in one helluva pickle. Yer a fox, like, and yer stuck in this ruddy hole, and there’s a whole pack o’ hounds out sniffin’ for ya. There a dozen? Two dozen? Dunno, but soon as ya poke yer fuzzy little noggin outta that hole, ya reckon it’s a damn sight too many. It’s time to panic, yeah, time for them old fight-or-flight reflexes to pop, and zoooooom yer boundin’ away with them slaverin’ hounds hot on yer hiney, and ya realize, hey, ya ain’t no fox — yer a goddamn ninja, and ya ain’t never felt so alive. — Tempus_Fugit

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cool feature

This map is damn rad, even though it has some major imperfections. Its fun to mess around.

I like

that you didn't go for plain rectangular tile shapes as one would expect when seeing the bounce block and the gold. Looks beautiful and the seekers work really well. :)

Okay bye.

WELL I HAD HOPED THAT N2 MAPPERS COULD USE NUMA AS A WAY TO LET THEIR MAPS HAVE SOME DIGNITY BUT SEEN AS MANY OF YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISCOURAGE ANYONE WHO CAN BE BOTHERED TO PUBLISH HERE, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Due to differences in versions, complex or impossible edits are often required and it sucks if half your maps don't qualify -which is probs why only yoke300 who made countless maps on n2 uses this. I only made around 50 good maps on n2 (half are unsearchable now). I quit publishing here.

nope, sorry ;c

I suck at maps like these. you have to find someone else D:

really like this!

Rare to see frantic drone gameplay and big opens spaces like this, and rarer to see it done well. Great job.


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Demo Data


Perfect map.
Demo Data
you will shit bricks.. :D
btw, 5 from me
Demo Data

disliked the starting position though

very fun. love these kind of maps

this isn't too hard, plenty of time to react.

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Now watch everyone else hate on it x_x
Faved, btw.

hmm, alright

nice demo

Aww, it's not ridiculous --- I'd say it's perfect, honestly. Even I can do it without too many tries! I'd relist as is, personally.
Demo Data

Now that's something you don't see put to good use very often. Some nice hectic seeker action to boot, I approve thoroughly.