A Different Feeling

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Author anco
Tags action author:anco unrated
Created 2013-07-31
Last Modified 2013-07-31
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Description Terribly out of inspiration, and generally down turned as well. I hope I can get to proper maps soon.

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Not such a huge fan of the seekers. Less is more in my opinion, but hey, I just don't like seekers.
Good job, man.

bad speedrun

5 from me..
Demo Data

Demo Data

Speedish. Love the gauss room, though I find the single golds a bit odd. The clamber on the 6 tiles to the switch is kinda meh. The drones are very nice, especially how they can see into the lower rooms. I like the rocket, but the bottom gold is a bit hard for me; I'll keep playing with it. The door confuses me. Not your best, but still quite fun ^_^
Demo Data
I like this kind of challenge.


well would you at least be able do something with this [], like turn it into a better, actual map?

Not sure

I really work best alone when it comes to nmaps, as I am very insistent on doing precisely what I want.
Best new mapper 2013, by far (even though /technically/ not new).

Would you be up for a collab sometime?