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Author woutery
Tags action author:woutery nreality puzzle rated
Created 2013-09-15
Last Modified 2013-09-15
by 11 people.
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Description //NReality//

A collab with Ors_II [].
I really don't know what to write here :/

Anyways, Ors did most of the NReality stuff and the rough tiles. I added some enemies and made the tiles look better.

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So hard

But so good! I'd better try this again later...


somewhat tedious with the laser
Demo Data

It is crazy hard, and yeah a bit too long.

yeah the greenies are crazy ; D


This is hard. You don't have enough time to move around the green drones.
Demo Data


Demo Data


Our collab is ready!!!

Too big.

The green drones are awesome though. Make another map with them.
individual parts are nice, like the alarm drones (is that right? the green ones, at any rate), but as a whole it's overwhelming

very adventurous

maybe a little too much. 4

Slow completion

There are a lot of interesting things going on in this map. The downsides are that it's too long, there's too much gold, and the repeated bounceblock/one-way/laser bit is tedious. But I still had fun with it anyway because it's an adventure into the world of NReality.
Demo Data

Oh, also, you have to jump on the bounceblock, then get under it quickly so that it gets you through the oneway.

I think it's possible, but i'm an awful player.

Let's just wait for Mist to play this or something.

can we see a demo?

this is the furthest i got
I didnt see any options, all the switches seem to be one after another. I do like the grinder.

Idk, it has a ton of problems... i think.
also, the map loads twice, dunno why...
still I give it a 5, 'coz I see loads ofeffort on this map.... :)