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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 30-4 4 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom series unrated
Created 2013-12-15
Last Modified 2013-12-15
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N awoke dazed and groggy. His mouth was dry and his body was numb, all he could feel was the cold, rough ground below him. N clenched his eyelids and rubbed them, this became useless when he opened his eyes again as it was too dark to see where he was anyway. Moving his hand across the hard terrain he noticed it was stone.
"Where the hell am I?" He thought to himself.
A deep, harmonic voice echoed through the dark, as if a guardian was watching over N.
"You are awake"
"Who said that?!" N interrogated.
"My identity is not a matter right now, what is important is you."
N was now confused with the voice.
"What happened to me?" N said shakily.
"You are in Limbo, your body has died on earth but your soul is still between worlds."
"I'm...dead?" N was really shaking now. Finding out that you are dead isn't really like winning the lottery.
"Not necessarily, the gods have given you one last chance to redeem yourself."
N looked up as a bright light shone over him, a glimmer of hope that was distant, but there.
"Your skills as a master ninja will be the key to your salvation." The deep voice concluded.
N was in disbelief, somehow, someone has given him a second chance."

Yeah I know, I'm no writer but I had fun writing this. NUMA has been given a second chance. Yes we all know NUMA is dead, but it doesn't have to be. NUMA's been through some tough times like the past week or so but we all overcame it. Anyway, enough preachy messages, enjoy this minejumper!!!

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I'm thinking we should collab again.
I gave up after dying 25+ times at the hands of the first few mines.

you just got dedicated []


not too hard once you get the hang of it.

Fuckin' hell that's a long ass description.
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