Flimsy Cardboard Architecture

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets cardboard rated
Created 2014-01-18
Last Modified 2014-01-18
by 16 people.
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Description I updated my progress often throughout, so you can see a fairly indepth process here. []

Really felt like making a map, but shit this didn't come easy haha. Probably a 3 hour map.

Doesn't really show, just had a lot of trouble with fitting gameplay to the tiles and not overcrowding it + keeping some nice aesthetics.

It's not too bad though.

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Well your profile is twice as old as mine
And say thanks for playing my map. Hope you're well.

hahaha frets!

Thanks for playing a map of mine! :D

Thanks, fingers

I appreciate it!


Pretty nice map. I haven't played n in ages, I haven't figured out if I'm supposed to use v2.0, I stuck to nreality 1.4

Also I like the title
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significantly faster, nice one ska. Thanks for playing PIT 22, too.


Demo Data

good map

here's a bad speedrun (i haven't watched the 883-frame demo)
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so I decided to beat Mohit_Ghune's agd.

Again, wonderful map. I wish I had my feature powers back :(
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haha, nice sunset

also, everyone get onto rick and morty, so gooooooood


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Great demo Mohit!

thanks for taking the time to make it :)
i kinda figured there would have to be a faster route at the top ;)
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thanks everyone

Really appreciate all the comments :)

very nice, reminded me of epigone

really dope

played this for 35 minutes.

here's an agd. (fastest so far.)
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seemed kinda confusing at first, but it had a really nice structure. nice one!
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Worth every hour.


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I hate it.

Just joshin', this is a well-constructed map. I thought the rocket side played fine, too. Five.


that was a reallyyy awesome map. Great stuff. Only had two minor issues, one was that center gauss, I wish it was maybe 1 E tile lower, or even half. Also the floorguard, I wish it was on the left side instead of middle, but overall I really had fun with this. I don't usually AGD maps cause it gets repetitive but this was worth it :)
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I love everything except the rocket area. It just doesn't fit, and it's not as fun as the rest of the map. The rest of the map is a great series of mechanics with perfectly-placed gauss turrets and a nice floorguard, but then you enter the rocket side and it's a bit jarring. In fact, I don't think you needed to use the right side at all. The map is already big enough and you could've placed the exit door in the bottom-right corner or something, just past the gauss.

3.5^, definitely a good map overall
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I usually have a full map in my head before I start, and the vast majority of the time is spent making the actual product match (or at least come close to) the vision in my head, whereas yours looks more "improvised" like you just put some stuff down and ran with it. Neat!
I'll play this shortly.


This 3 hour long map history is a really important lesson for beginners in mapping!!


the difference between the final map and last edit made the manoeuvring easy..
The map has high replayablity. It was really fun to muster a good speedrun..
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would love some comments on this one, even if mainly to feel the strain to complete the map was a little worth it haha

decent AGD

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