The Chalice of Champions

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags action author:iodineenvy ie one-way unrated
Created 2014-01-23
Last Modified 2014-01-23
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I wanted to make a one-way map. So I did. Enjoy
EDIT; moved the chain-gun a few 'E' tiles.

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And that

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Close enough

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nice map!!

tiles and object placement is awesome!
(p.s. I cheated as well. :P)
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A little bit cleaner
By the way, this map is fantastic
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Great map!

Very fun with lots of action in it. The rocket worked really well.
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Messed up in trying to get the switch
nice map, I'm going to try to clean up my route
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Demo Data

I already did of course ;) I didn't start playing this just to cheat it

Well play it without cheating for the fun of it :D

unfortunately it's cheatable, and someone with more skill/patience can probably do it over both doors and much quicker than I :(
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