Funhouse Mirror

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Author DemonzLunchBreak
Tags author:demonzlunchbreak demonz-insomnia mines playable rated
Created 2014-02-05
Last Modified 2014-02-05
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Remix of that one metanet map.

I know it's a mine jumper, but it's really pretty chill and easy guys. Try it, you'll ____ it!

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This is great

The forth jump felt like a bit of a difficulty spike, but apart from that, this is really awesome!

Haha awesome

I wonder if it's possible to beat me by 1000 frames.


sub-1400, I'm done. This is beatable but more than good enough ^^
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that one mighta been sub-1400..
Demo Data
sub-1400 haha
Demo Data

slightly faster

Demo Data

fantastic. 5.

Nice nice

yeah haha, I must have been in a sadistic mood the day I made that other map. Polished run you have, there.


there we go! :) AGD
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miiiiight try and beat it once more. we'll see
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hahaha fuck

yeah I tried to beat that on a couple of occasions, couldn't get much past the first bend. Looked great, but fiendishly difficult haha


Maybe not as easy as my maps can get. Which is to say very. But compared to other mine jumpers I've made (e.g. 231673), I found it easier.

You creamed my run, though. Maybe it seems easier because I play so slowly ^__^

shit. death demo

would have been faster though. ah well
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cool map though, recognised that metanet map in there instantly. One of my favourites. I'll try and beat this
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slow slow slow. But this proves it's easy!
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