Songhai Dream

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Author sekou-fofana
Tags action author:sekou-fofana cactae-fofana collab featured fountain rated
Created 2014-10-23
Last Modified 2014-10-23
by 11 people.
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Description another collab with cactae [].

be wary of the fountain

This map was featured on 2015-05-17

The Songhai court coveted jewels above all things. Lords and ladies from the upper echelons of Songhai society would often be buried in magnificent tombs, lavishly decorated with the vast collections of gems and gold they had bult up during their lives.

Their once resplendant graves have now been subjected to decay and rust, but the vast treasures lie there still. Which, my friend, is where you come in.

Chests filled to the brim, fountains of gold, countless hidden caveats. A word of caution, however. Even in death, the Songhai do not part with their fortunes lightly. — _destiny^-

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This is awesome.

And a lovely review to boot! Well done destiny.
the start could be more fluid, I reckon.


Great map with interesting jumper elements. :)
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