Brutal Ardour

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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags action author:tommy_wiseau playable unrated
Created 2014-10-25
Last Modified 2014-10-25
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Description No curved tiles!

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yea dnt worry -as there might not be much to add (too late asking)

Hi I have a strange question for you. I'm making an edit of my dance of knives map (I've updated the map code on numa (its an n2 map tho)) I've deleted the mines on the right wall and I wonder if you have any thoughts on what to do to improve the looks.. cause you're really good and I'm really curious what more can be done. (i'll credit u if I use anything) -So let me know if you're interested thanks


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how does Fraxtil do it O.o
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Albeit slowly and clunkily
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I like the

tiles, the simplicity in the objects and the simple gameplay :)
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No challenge?

This was so hard I actually started to think Blue Tetris maps were easy compared to Brutal Ardour.

Just kidding... Here is an AGD
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There's almost no challenge to it at all. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing. agd
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