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Author the23
Tags author:the23 less unrated z230321
Created 2014-11-30
Last Modified 2014-11-30
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Description LESS []

Here's a gravity-less NReality modded map, you have an extra air-jump, have fun playing and looking for a quick gravity-less route, I have one sub700 AGD, is sub600 possible? Enjoy!

Oh! And you can play it as a normal v1.4 map too! Try it, is interesting as well. Here are two maps in one... Less is more. ;)

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Judges, Aidiera:

Thanks for giving to me the 3rd place on this NUMACON, it was a pretty competitive month with a lot of good entries, and I feel so honoured to please you, Aidiera. I made this map with a lot of effort and theme-thought, thanks again! XD
Just a frame slower, Mohit's run was a hard nut to crack. I played it for about half an hour and using the gosht NReality function with my own run trying to beat it, but no, that's the best I could. Happy anyway, I had fun and I placed 1st (in both categories) :P
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hahaha lol James! You're right, is the house/hangar of the President, that's why it has two floors.


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Really cool map!
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I think this is awesomely made. I have one cheeky criticism though which is that the house on the right looks bigger more modern than the others(and in a different scale) due to the windows making it seem like it has two floors


Nice battle guys, Aids and jirka on NReality. Here's my best, I'm done for now too!
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Ok, sub-500 is possible. It's still improvable I think, but this is all from me now. Good night!
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really mahi?

And yeah jirka post it if you want, it is in NReality server anyway, here's mine, g'night!:
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But it's hard cutting frames from this :D
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Should I post it? :D

Btw, Is sub 500 possible?

I'll try it, good map.

Well, I got sub600 AGD, 577f more exactly. Not posting it yet though. XD