Feel the Fission

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue rated tileset
Created 2015-01-14
Last Modified 2015-01-14
by 6 people.
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Description Yeah, I know what you are thinking. 'Good burning doll baby, deep's at it again'. You're right. I can't make maps yet, tiles only. Maybe because of what I'm going through now. Thinking of changing what I am doing. I don't know anymore.
Man, how stoned are you? - Concrete, bruh.

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The main reason for the collab was to help you get back into mapping hahaha. You may do the honors.:)
Besides, Ive already made all the maps for the rest of my column and im gonna upload them soon.


great tiles, of course! :3
for a purity ring song that I'm very fond of. you may like: []


my thoughts exactly.


Can you imagine the last time we wrote was over two YEARS ago, heavy shit


You're still here, haha. <3

Gorgeous gorgeous!

I love it when you make things, I don't even care what they are.
also that video is incredible. i love the animation.


Very well done. Is it open for use with credit?

Dude, awesome tiles

One of your best imo.
Did you wanna do a collab? that could help.


it takes time. If you get into it, you can get real good :)


this is awesome. i can never get maps to look right in the thumbnail... jealous :P

if anybody cares

this [] was a major inspiration here