Abstract Deeds

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper rated
Created 2015-01-22
Last Modified 2015-01-22
by 14 people.
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Description A sequel of sorts to my well-received jumper Abstract Thoughts []. I think my improvement with making jumpers is quite noticeable when comparing the two, especially in terms of variety of jumps.

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this is the best i've ever done on any jumper
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Love it

Lots of variety in the jumps, and a lot of places you have options on how to get to an area. I've got a run up on NReality but not posting it here because meta's basically embarrassed me with his run lol. Depending on how I feel about it I may try and improve to get one I feel is worthy of the comments section.

Regardless, 5/5!


Bit sloppy at some points
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This is a really really lovely adventure-jumper!
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