Happy Easter

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Author RandomDigits
Tags 7-years action author:randomdigits collab easter lifdoff rated
Created 2015-03-29
Last Modified 2015-03-29
by 6 people.
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Description I started mapping 7 years ago! []
collab with lifdoff []

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holy shit I've been playing N for almost 11 years

what is life
would be so much more fun if one could put clues. But instead it's just running around and touching every surface til something happens (that sounds sorta dirty :D)

how on earth

i accidentally went into the editor and saw all of the secret stuff oops

worst map i've ever played, 5/5
- ign

basically just look at Ned to see where the triggers are then play. not super fun, really.
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I hate hidden objects.
So, 3/5
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