Final Destination 2

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Tags author:marijnenandries playable race rated
Created 2005-12-31
Last Modified 2005-12-31
by 21 people.
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Description A very hard race, little hard flow, but if you see my demo, you'll manage. I made this one because I was asked to (because final destination was good) So here it is. Good luck.

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the half an hour it takes to load is well worth the half an hour it takes to play, hahaha just kidding
very very very good. 5/5


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Thanks to all

Thanks for the comments and votes :)

Under 3000 frames!

I love this race. Although the flow was a bit hard to find, it's definitely worth a 4.5/5 and a favorite.
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*see demo* but now you get a 4. It was very fun, and I especially liked the part with the two thwumps on the bottom of the screen. That was brilliant. Overall a good race, but you should NEVER have to slow down for something like that. In the demo, I even slow down a lot, and wait, and then go again, and I STILL died. It seems like youd didn't playtest all of it.
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but it was good fun to play.
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very bad flow, but otherwise a long race that wasnt very boring. It doesn't look like you test played it, but its pretty good.

Here is the Demo

Good luck, figure the rest out yourself (or the complete race, then you shouldn't watch the demo). Plenty of room for improvement
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Long loading

BTW, sorry about the long loading :S