03-0: Sharkteeth

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff countdown unrated
Created 2015-05-12
Last Modified 2015-05-12
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Thanks a lot for Aidiera for his help with the fake tiles!

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Mannnnn I hate this map. The tiles/thwumps are tough enough to navigate without an immortal rocket on my ass. Did you experiment with a gauss or anything? The map's idea is really neat, it's just not much fun to play. 2.5^.
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Faster agd.

Those fake tiles work so well here.
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Hey, I'm just playing your mappack, most of your maps are cool, some are too hard for me, but it's usually ok.
I can post some more demos for your other maps from this mappack if you want and If I find them good/interesting.
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Here's my AGD.

And thanks again for the help! <3
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Nifty ending here.

This map is magnificent. <3
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