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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple hearthstone unrated
Created 2016-01-27
Last Modified 2016-01-27
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Description Just a little tribute
Is anyone else playing this game? :)

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Too Many Cooks []Too Many Cooks []Too Many Cooks []
If somehow you missed it. Thanks again!

Ehehe! Way too hard, but idgaf and neither should you. The whole map's too damn wretched hard. I think it's a lovely room, I dig what you did with the border tiles especially. Thank you, and for the quick turnaround!


You interested in helping with a mass collab? I forgot I'd started one before the Great NUMA Crash of 2015, and it just needs one more room for completion. Room 12 is all yours if you want it — feel free to edit the surrounding rooms a bit if you need, too.
le collab massivique []
If not, lemme know and I'll grab someone else, thanks!

who would've thought it -really cool map i think

Mmm, interesting, Eddy. I messed around with both, and it seemed like that way should have been quicker, but I just couldn't get a clean enough cj. Nice.

I think it's faster because it let's you turn earlier towards the switch, while Tempus' corner starts faster but has to slow down to get to the switch, losing the gained time.


This is the first route that came to my mind, I'm not sure if it's faster or just cleaner than Tempus' one.
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Yeah Im in EU

My name is Meanapple#2406
Do you play on EU server? In this case I can send you friend request (If you are interested)
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cuz this jump is supes hard. Still a few frames to cut off, but I don't think I'll be getting 'em.
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np for the comments

it shows your dedication for my map :)

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okay its probably faster. thought i could speed up the walljump, but i haven't been able to.
Neat map! Apologies for the comment spam, I've been making a bad habit of that lately.
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i dont think this route is actually faster but it was this time!
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it is very simple and fun to play
the notch is that it gets more and more rng based which can be good but also bad. Give it a try

sorry. i stop now.
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demo demo

I haven't, no. How do you like it? My friends who play MtG have said not to bother.
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