Ice Heist

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Author script
Tags action author:script ice-heist rated
Created 2016-03-03
Last Modified 2016-03-03
by 6 people.
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Description On this mission you will be airdropped onto a moonlit snow-covered slope.
You must sneak past the sentry and steal his keys,
then enter the cavernous layer of Doctor Ratata and his assistant Zorpy.
There you will find the infamous Frost Diamond, which you'll steal, of course;
then make your way down the slope and sneak into the ski resort like nothing happened.
Have fun in the arcade, but be warned, the butler is a tad overbearing.

p.s. Be careful on the mountain; if you go too fast you might get injured, and then you won't be allowed on the ski lift!

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i was just really lazy in all honesty, i didn't know how to edit the map and figured i would try thinking of some ways, but i can't think of shit

i honestly like it as is though. i can't think of anything i would really change

I'm sorry but I don't think math, I think cake.

ayyy here

sdfsdfad []
tired as shit right now

sure thing

you mind starting?

Really fun!

This Ice Heist is Nice Heist!
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I love this map, It's fun to play. The gold looks very well. 5/5
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