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Author SpartaX18
Tags author:spartax18 hard jumper simple tileset tricky unrated
Created 2016-04-05
Last Modified 2016-06-10
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Map Data

Description Take this, lifdoff!


Link to the 2.0 version:

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Also true!

True enough.

tktktk was a master of the puzzle genre, and this shape allows for many jump possibilities.


Of course, he's an all-time great! I can't quite remember my motive behind using those shapes, but trust me they are extremely easy to come up with when you're looking for the theme for your map.
Actually, it's right there in the description - I believe my inspiration was a map from lifdoff. Not sure which one, but if you want to make a connection between my and tktktk's map, the most I can admit is that maybe I had that one in my subconscious when making mine. But that's it. I'd never dare to copy someone else's work, let alone a person I wholeheartedly respect.
Ah, yes. Fan of tktktk, are we? (Stealing the shape fromthis level [].

Good job! :0

It's hard for me too, i completed it just once.

looks cool and I managed each jump in editor :) But I deffs can't even attempt this map