squid on steroids

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Author ska
Tags action author:ska metanet rated squid steroids traditional
Created 2016-08-14
Last Modified 2016-08-14
by 11 people.
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Description First map in about nine months.

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Thanks man!

Means a lot! :)
I will give you 10 RCEs as a return gift. :D

Hey ska!

I was wondering if you could give my map [] a shot for a feature. It has been a long time since a DDA got featured. :P
Do think about it.

The best sort of metanet; very nice, sir.

oh shit, hey ska

i played this map in my head and it was great.


I went the wrong way.


The waiting game. I must be rusty.
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your squid appears to be an octopus

\m/ \m/

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It was nice to see the name Ben_Schultz_11 on NReality again.
speedrun attempt. Pretty sure sub-1k is possible.
5/5 like always.
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Yeah, and I gave birth to this muscular squid.

Was it worth it...?

I thINK so.


Were you pregnant with this map?

Nice old-school map

Got a nice vibe to it.
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One seeker would have been even better. 4aved.
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You could probably throw a couple of triple jumps in here to make it faster. Also, I'm not sure if this is even the fastest route; there is probably a faster one.
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