Where's The Track? 15

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Tags author:avatar_fanatic door-eerie unrated
Created 2017-06-20
Last Modified 2017-06-20
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Description I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.


I know, you hate door eeries. It's just a spam of a single object.

I know, you appreciate the work that goes into it, but honestly you don't think it's worth it.

I wasn't gonna post it, but I just want to play it in normal mode and see if it's even possible.

If you care at all, here's the link to the Where's the Track? series []. (My last one got featured WADDUP!)

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to be fair...

i actually typed out your criticisms for you in the description, so you didn't really have to type that out.

wasn't trying to innovate. i just enjoy making door-eeries.
think of where it's somehow okay to release an almost-replica every time you make one. i'm all for super similar maps, as long as they are all fun. the problem with door eeries is that people rarely innovate with them, and when they don't, the maps are bland like this one.

don't get me wrong, sometimes you just want to make a goddamn eerie. my first few maps were eeries. anyways, 3 for the time you spent on this, but not 5 since you kinda made me type this out.
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