Rocket Dodger

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2006-01-03
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description My first map in ages. Lame name i guess but it has a few good moments. This basicically revolves around the ninja dodging rockets and laser drones using thwumps and a few launchpads. I used no gold delay i think but there are quite a few good close calls and some where the ninja is 0 frames away from getting killed by the laser drone. Last thing, you may need to press 1 to play it of you are playing it in ned. Enjoy!

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just one thing, and it's not about the map.
a few people seem to say WOW!!!!! 4/5 or
this time, with doghouse's OH MY MOTHER OF PEARLS!!!! AHHOY! 4.5/5
now i'm not complaining, just wondering what you're gonna do when you rate a map 5/5... is this like, giant demon gonna come out of nowhere and rip the server to shreds or something?

i love the end



gracefully done, fasionably designes, impressively long, and lots of action in the mix. 5/5. whats going on with dda's. they no longer rule the top ten list. keep it up killerman. i think if i keep complimenting you ill see more dda's.


I blocked the rockets to stop them becoming one rocket which i find really boring to watch because while you may be dodging many rockets, there would be only one rocket to actually dodge, you get what i mean?

Blah... 3.5/5

I notice how of all four rocket launchers, only two have close calls with the ninja: the bottom and top right ones.

Now, it's one thing to have pointless monsters, but it's another to have doors blatantly stopping those monsters with no other purpose in the DDA.

A liitle laggy...

But that doesn't stop me from rating it a 5/5


amazing all around


Beautiful closecalls. Awesome job.


thats really cool



Glad you all like. This one took a really long time to build.
The DDA was great. I watched some closecalls in frames. One time N's toe was actually touching the thick beam. But the last part was great. N cheated death with the thwump and propelled himself with it as the back of the thwump hit him. It kept going..
Anyway 5/5

I think

This qualifys u as the best DDA maker in numa


Amazing. Obvious rating given.

!!! good

i think the rating speaks for itself. 5

You might have to

veiw each close call frame by frame to see whats going on.

Another great DDA

Very well done. 5.

I didn't need to press 1 btw.