Perilous Shore

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Author Arsenicc
Tags action author:arsenicc drones flowy fun nv2 unrated
Created 2018-05-22
Last Modified 2018-05-22
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description This map was submitted for Npoints Season 7. One of the maps I'm most proud of.

It might not work on n1.4 so play the map here:

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And cool tiles to boot. Easy 5 from me.

Shame the doors don't work in 1.4. I moved them to get a demo, I hope it works.
Demo Data

But I feel you

I didn't get as much feedback as I wanted on my recent
I was so addicted to playing it and getting the best route: I must've played it well over 100 times. And the tiles are lovely. 5aved