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Author UkaBOB
Tags author:ukabob bobleader hard jumper mines playable unrated
Created 2018-11-12
Last Modified 2018-11-12
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I'm 0.1% sure that that's the plural form of precarious. I'll go with it.

Mulitple routes possible. Demos appreciated.

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I think I'll try to start making easier maps. I've made a lot of hard ones recently.

i apologise for my choice of words. i had seen a string of such maps so was irritated a little.

as far as the path for this map is concerned, i too know what jumps to follow. but each of them is difficult individually. plus, a between-mine-wall jump is some next level improbable.
so i just suggest you to create maps with paths which are humanly possible. that's it.

and also, i didn't snipe the map. i may leave a bad review on maps, but then i don't rate them bad (most of the times).
If you're still here, I would like to know: was that rating a snipe or an actual statement of how good our map is? I would appreciate knowing one way or the other.

This map has several possible routes. I know what they are. I have not submitted a run yet because I'm not the best of N players. I can do each jump individually, but I have not yet done it all at once.

Also, I am not talking to myself. Four of us use this profile, as you would have known if you had done a little research.

And, finally, the debate about plurals is simply us having fun. Maybe you're not a fan of academic debates, but we are. We respect your differences. Please respect ours.

Finally, please refrain from utilizing profanity when you comment on our maps. It is obnoxious and detracts from what otherwise may have looked like constructive criticism.
Instead of talking to yourself or deciding the plural form of a fucking word, you should have focussed on the map and thought of a legitimate route, or at least submitted a completion run yourself.


I distinctly remember capitalizing that y.

Oh well.

Honestly, BOB2

I should think you would know a joke when you saw one. My English is exemplary. you may also have noticed how the sounds in the "word" Precarii, fit together. A master rhetorician could not have done better than I. To conitinue, I will quote myself in an excerpt from the description. "I'm 0.1% sure that that's the plural form of precarious." I also recognize that precarious, being an adjective, as you dutifully pointed out below, does not possess a plural form.



is an adjective. Therefore, it does not have a plural form (in English, at least. You could use, say, the Spanish word, of which the plural would be "precarios".)