Spanish Fly

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Author SpartaX18
Tags author:spartax18 gold gold-collecting medium playable rated ttt
Created 2018-11-20
Last Modified 2018-11-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description The first map of a recently-finished team highscoring contest. The drones don't seem to work very well in 1.4 for some reason I can't quite figure out (a helping hand would be very appreciated). And yeah, don't know really what to say anymore. Two more maps to come.


Link to the 2.0 version:

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FC > FD > FB

Proper order


And thanks a ton for the rating! ^^
Gameplay was unexpectedly good.


o and ye

gonna post more when this gets 5 votes


You're AlQaholic?!?! I thought you were gone from N. LOL

grydx's run on this

made him and eyon win over me and jamza in the first week. But nice map make more maps.

Thank you!

I aimed for something artsy as I also wanted my contest maps to be as varied as possible and I'd used most of the remaining concepts. And it's also a nice break from my usual rage-inducing difficulties, haha.
and it looks great! i like this map


easier than what I had first thought.
Demo Data
and the floor, wink wink
(hope it's not too annoying)