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Author RandomDigits
Tags action ardee author:randomdigits drones everything-was-fine metanet unrated
Created 2019-02-03
Last Modified 2019-02-03
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Description I'd rather focus my creativity on things with a larger potential audience than N, so I'm just gonna post my favourite unpublished maps from EVERYTHING WAS FINE (The World Was Ours, Pt. II) (forum link to be added at some point).

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This one [] is the evolution.

And to continue the discussion on the map I posted just after this [], both of this and the evolution come from the same text file!

incredibly well done evolution, faved

alternate route AGD

I really like this map. It's very simple but it feels good to play.
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Great Thumbnail!

Don't know about playability, but 5aved just for the thumbnail.


first try death. the thumb nail looks cool
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