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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator puzzle unrated
Created 2019-02-10
Last Modified 2019-02-11
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Description Another map from forever ago that was never submitted. Maybe it was. This one is a puzzle. There are two now three solutions, two take incredible skill to pull off, one is just about being fast enough.

Also I feel like I was way better at mapping when I was younger and was way too hard on myself and my skills. This puzzle is fun, even though it's pretty challenging. If you don't know that I like to make pretty hard maps then here's a nice introduction.

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You got incredible skill to be able to find and exploit another solution that I didn’t find!

i just noticed the description change, guess i dont have incredible skill x_x

Ooooh neat, okay! I thought you had to go through both that set of launchpads and the one below it, didnt realize you could jump across! very cool.


That is actually an oversight, I didn't realize you could do that either. Three known ways to complete this map now, but I like how there are multiple routes to victory and you can get an AGD regardless of which route you take.


but it shows how to get back into the main area after activating all the switches.
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I am admittedly puzzled. I did not realize you could get into the thwump tunnels from the top for, like, a super long time. I was initially cheesing the vertical oneway instead. These are both neat enough, but I feel like I'm missing out on most of the map by skipping the right column; I played around getting the switches quite a bit, and really enjoyed it, but couldn't ever get back into the main map, haha. Anyway, I really like the map, just wish I understood it a little better.
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