The Great Snake Race of 1986

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise drones minejumper unrated
Created 2020-05-30
Last Modified 2020-05-30
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Description The eventual winner, Ramsay "Definitely Not a Centipede" Tugworth, was disqualified on account of having too many legs.

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clever map

too clever for my brain but I like the concept.

the timing was really tough to get right and some of the mines were really unforgiving. also I hated the chamber right underneath that place the drone train stops, felt like these jumps created a really weird difficulty spike.


\ I did my best \

No-gold attempt.

34 years later, I tried to compete as well. Learning from Ramsay's mistake, I did best to disguise the fact that I wasn't -- in fact -- a legless snake, but a definitely legful ninja.

To that end, I strongly rejected the urge to grab even a single of the several tantalizing gold pieces scattered across the race track. But alas, such allurement was much too great for my ninja's natural impulses, which could not be repressed any longer. I couldn't help but to snatch just a couple of gold pieces near the end.
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