The hole is better than the half

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Author Hindi
Tags 3x3 author:hindi symmetrical-ish unrated
Created 2022-03-27
Last Modified 2022-03-27
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Description Ninja classes have not prepared you for the ins, the outs and in-betweens of semi-conductivity in real life applications, such as manoeuvring through zap-drone currents in a little Hall (effect).

Theoretical lectures have fostered an appreciation for n-type semiconductors and philosophies, but not as much as dwelling for a while in a goldless p-type semiconductor like so.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a 3×3 map. Admittedly, not my favourite map style and one I find particularly difficult to make engaging. That is partially because of the limitations of the "genre", but also due to my almost irrational insistence on symmetry. However, I tried anyway and after a couple of (couples of couples of) attempts, I'm satisfied with how this one turned out. I hope it still counts as a 3×3 map, despite switches and the exit door being outside the 3×3 enclosure.

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If i recall correctly, it was indeed ChrisE's idea for the trapdoors. They were included in the initial draft he sent me. thanks for playing! :D
Drones peeking out of tiles can be utterly frustrating when they catch you off-guard. The whole reason I went with a curvy aesthetic for this map instead of a "fractured-crystal-like" (as would be fitting for the semi-conductor theme) is because of the increased visibility of 4-tiles. I wanted these drones' patterns to be as predictable as possible.

rhythmic, pretty

big fan of drones peeking out of tiles, usually an annoying mechanic to employ, but it really makes sense with the whole flavor of this map (love the flavor text too)
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