The great race completed

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles race rated
Created 2006-01-05
Last Modified 2007-10-12
by 9 people.
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Description Edited: New gold to show where youre supposed to go.

Do it right, and it goes quick and smooth. Do it wrong and die. It is pretty difficult

Map 75, but I delete a lot, so that will probably change.
(Ive already deleted at LEAST 15)

Any person who can get the fastest all gold, race style, fastest race, fastest all gold non race style, AND fastest total will get a dedication.

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soon enough


Thanks, turtle.


although i agree entirely with you, dont rate maps lower because someone else rated it high. THat screws up the rating system
call me crazy but i object to that. not even close to being close to being close to it, in my books.

Really Fun

One of the best race map ever. 5/5
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the calcgenius

i think the prize will go to you...

And thanks, turtle

All good races need a cheater's demo. :-D


I see how that part works. Thanks for the demo...which I totally beat :-)
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my regular

it stinks
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nice with 707


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race mode

but cheap
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And do we have to go through the part right below the exit?
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twas fun

twas fun 4.5


@99turtle99: I guess you are impatient :-). I rated.
@mholzem: Actually...I'm 7 frames ahead.

Anyways, here's a cheater's demo because I wanted to do one.
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after the mad rush

ill try to beat the winner. If i cant, Ill comment them to tell them. If I do, sorry


u didnt rate..or maybe im impatient


Than you!
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It was quite fun. 4.5/5
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lol this was fun
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