Focal Point

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Tags author:nightmare619 playable race rated
Created 2006-01-06
Last Modified 2006-01-06
by 15 people.
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Description this was a race that i made after being stumped on making a map for a while. i wasn't really sure about this one. i liked it, but didn't think it had enough speed. based on what people think, i may delete it. please rate, comment, and enjoy!

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thx! i didn't think it was that good, but thx ppl! glad u enjoyed it.


5/5 faved


concept for a race, and perfectly executed, 5/5


Most original race ive seen in a really really long time

original race

pretty creative, not the speediest map, but pretty fun and sufficiently challenging. the ninja looks as if he's standing on gold at start.
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all gold completion demo. just to start anyone off in case they're confused..
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