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Author niccus
Tags author:niccus bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-14
Last Modified 2006-01-14
by 25 people.
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Description Now, now, it's not hard.

Just remember to reduce your waste.

Velocity is a good thing to keep.

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Me too!

I love it!!! Told ya it should be #1 on all maps. :P
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All Gold

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I would love...

to see a completion demo of this. Really, really love to.

Great level, by the way.
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i couldnt win

however this is the best puzzle map ever made. brilliant concept. great discovery. good enough to be just a test map. a simple and addictive puzzle concept. 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5. there will be many rip offs of this. youve created a great thing!
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I don't get it

Can someone please show me a route getting the switch in the middle, because I can't seem to figure out how to get it and still have enough things to jump on.
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nice idea with the single use floor but an incredibly annoying level to play.sorry. but i wont rate it

Love it.

Great use of this method. 5/5 and faved. Great job!
Great work.

I've been trying... make a door that closes, than opens... and that's kinda what this is... kinda.

Awesome puzzle map!! Must get #1...

very nice

wow, the creativity. I love this. Were you the one to discover this?