The laser eye of the storm

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Author topolord
Tags action author:topolord playable rated
Created 2006-06-01
by 13 people.
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Description resubmitted becuase there was some confusion over the level design.

rest assured, the map does not in any way copy any other map on Numa.

without further ado:

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I mean I didn't vote yet. I aws about to.


changed vote?
how do you do that?


Thanks, but it wasn't that hard. Perfect length for a level. 3000 is a good length for an all gold. Maybe even 4000. But whatever, anyway, the point is, it was a nice good level. Nice difficulty. And I changed my vote to 5/5 since I realized I thought it was like a perfect mix of everything + perfect length.

Sick all gold

you deserve a ded for that.
unless anyone can do it faster...

smart and fun.

Pretty beatable thouhg. 4.5+faved
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as i said before this is teh roxor!