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Author monopole
Tags action author:monopole bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-06-04
by 38 people.
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Description Peace and love to everyone :D

This is my submission to the organic contest:

I spent forever smoothing out the jumps on those little tiles (no two of which touch). The level starts out hard and gets easier and easier.

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*smiles wide*

*rips a bowl*





stoner galore!! :)

Interesting concept

But it makes for a very annoying level.

here's your ded

it's not great though.

cool map

the tileset rocks. 4.5/5 for the tileset. please rate my latest map that you only commented on:


Can't find a bad thing to say...

Looks good...

One enemy-type...

It's not even too hard... one of the only levels I've completed :P

I'll have to do it... 5AVED

That hurts... how much do I have to pay you to retract it from the Organic Comp, so the rest of us have a chance?

Awesome, yeah!

/Everyone/ likes pot.
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faster all gold

Demo Data


Demo Data

Amazing tiles!

Great level too.... 5aved
Yeah, I was thinking of lots of ideas for the organic contest and then it hit me....

I can't belive the first person who rated this gave it a 1/5 within a few seconds of it being posted. Damn it.


i was just wondering the other day about if this had been done before or not...

very nice job...faved...


Someone finally made this level. I wanted to make a level with the pot leaf for sooo long. I just wanted to see it.

All gold.

Surprisingly good, considering one wouldn't expect a nice level made out of a cannabis leaf.
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tile craziness and lasers...yay...


I love the way these tiles behave. It's a little crazy (probably not to everyone's taste), but you can go much faster than think you can after a few tries. Unfortunately, here I miss one of my favorite jumps on the top. Oh well...
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