Prison Escape

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Author dark_kiwi
Tags action author:dark_kiwi playable rated
Created 2006-06-22
Last Modified 2006-06-22
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description You are in a cell wondering how long you will continue being in the cell when your cell mate says "i heard a rummor that there is a switch to open the doors from within your cell, but it was just a rummor".

(Storyline above going to be making a sereies)

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faved dawg tihs is liek a toaly kool map homes



Problem Fixed

The Problem has been delt with and the level is now ready for playing.

O Dear

There is a problem with the map i amm fixing it right now.
than why say it? FOOL! no i'm just joking... it was pretty cool... not one of the best but fun at the leats, a little laggy, try not to put tons of things togather like that.


This is how i beat the lvl.

But only watch after you beat it looking forward to demo's.
Demo Data