Cherry Tree

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Author Sparrow15
Tags action author:sparrow15 playable rated
Created 2006-06-26
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A playable N Art I made that I like. It is quite hard.

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kinda good........

It's very artsy and creative, but it's kinda hard and the creativness sacrifices some of the gameplay.

Overall: 2.99/5


about that I wanted the player to have to go to all sides of the map, i'll try to fix that problem "soon"


The mines were a b*tch to load, and most of them were completely unnecissary. the switches were also unnecissary, and COMPLETELY unaccessable.
Demo Data

The Gauss

They help the tree look more like a tree and you don't get hit if you just keep moving...


of 75% of the gauss man


thats a lot of gauss turrets... lol tough level but nice tileset 4/5