The Chaser's War

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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda kradda rated
Created 2006-08-14
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 118 people.
Map Data

Description KRADDA. I think that the rocket goes through the ground like 35 times. It has no gold delay, nothing but trap doors. Ratings appreciated.

Entered for the APC.

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Didn't Like: Line of trapdoors at bottom center.
Not too many close calls for the ninja.

Ha ha.

Sorry. Just because 0/0 is anything doesn't mean you can use it however you want. Never divide by 0. Or else I will hunt you down and eat all your chocolate chip cookies!

Ten years later...

0/0 equals any number*. Therefore, it is undefined.

b=whatever you darn well please (4i+2, for instance. Or a quaternion. Or whatever.)
0/0=whatever (i.e. any number)

Also, INFINITY IS NOT A NUMBER! And therefore cannot be treated like one! Do not put it in an equation! Please! You'll break math! For example.
First of all, 5/5 awesome

Second, lets just all agree that it makes no sense to put zero in the denominator.


I saw this on Youtube and I was like, "I have to try this!" So I did. 5/5


except some of your other dda's are better


Awesome level.

Here's a cheated demo.
Demo Data
zero goes into zero an infanite times, so now i just confuzed myself


wouldnt 0/0 equal 1? because its all the posible amount in 0 like 1/1=5/5 and so everything over itself equals 1!


z3rr0 yet again has made me laf with his stupid ass comments


5/5 = 1
5/2.5 = 2
5/1.25 = 4
5/0.625 = 8
See where this goes? The lower the denominator, the higher the value.
You can keep going, halving the denominator, but you'll never hit 0, just like the answer will never hit infinity.

Both proofs work, but I'm probably leaning towards the one that proves it's undefined. It doesn't really matter, since, I'm sure we can both accept that if you divide anything by 0 , you're trying to split something into 0 parts. And that's dumb.


way to beat 'em down, peace!
Are you in first grade?

Want proof? Okay, as we all know, If x/y=z, then z*y=x. So if x=0 and y=0, what's z?
Is it 0? 0*0=0.
Is it 1? 1*0=0.
Is it x? x*0=0.
Any number will work, therefore 0/0 is undefined.

If x!=0 (does not equal) and y=0, then that means that z*0=x, and unless x=0 (which it doesn't) is not true. x/0 is undefined.

Umm I didn't like the map too much. Too many trapdoor lines and it was a little boring. Still very good, though (3.5)


0/0 is infinity but anything else over 0 is an infinetely huge number.

That's amazing!

I love KRADDAs. They must require so much skill. 4.5
So, yeah. ;_;




click C to make it 3/4 lock, then put the activator 3/4s away from the door


Sorry to add a comment here rather than the forum, but your propulsion meathods only do this:

Launchpads (work but nobody likes them)
Trapdoors (A:impossible to line up and B: just mince my ninja)
BounceBlocks (Scarcley work, even with launchpads)
Normal doors (never work)
Thwumps (see trapdoors)
Locked doors (act like nothing at all)

Im not sure if i'm doing something wrong or if its just n v1.4, but this just don't work

Great KRADDA, by the way


I hadn't seen this one before. Let me guess, it's a war on everything? I love that show :D
I wish I could give higher than a 5, but I can't. So, 5/5 :)

Fuck off.

I'd like to see you try and make a KRADDA better than this.
thanks to you! it was hardly entertaining - its like playing chasey. all you used as propulsion was doors so 2/5

umm... okay...

Quote from Jiggerjaw (down the page a bit)
"I love how MrKelpy thought I was stupid. I love n00bs...
Watched it again, still amazing."
Okay Jigger, i never said u were stupid, and i dont think ur stupid. If what DemonzLunchBreak is saying is right, then I got proven wrong. Honestly, I dont care. If im wrong i'll admit it, but I never called you stupid, and im sorry if you thought i did, and i really dont care if you think im a noob at ngame because i now hate it and have moved onto better things. and also, i now hate ngame and think it is totally gay and moved onto better things(which is why this is so late). Im not judging anybody who plays it still, but w/e i still dont like it... the map is great and this is probably the last thing i am ever going to do on NUMA soo goodbye ppl.


All your maps kick a**! You should make more.

F*** you bussey

Damn that was impressive. So cool how many walls that went through. HOT!!! 5aved!!!

I love it.


Very Nice MAP!!

Best KRADDA I have witnessed. 4.5/5 and faved

could be better

i think this map kind of looks like something i have seen before... i like maps that keeps the missile all the way, but... jeg syntes det er en lorte bane.... (i know it was in danish, but i can't express it in english) try again... it can almost ony be better.. (unless you make a map more like this)... det er en ommer.. (again in danish)

very nice

the only bad thins is there's only one propulsion, but i guess you had to only have one. 5
...and apparently people don't like you either, because YOU (your avg map rating) are rated 0/5 too


like it 0/5

*sees math in comments*
*rates 5/5*
*plays map*




all this math makes my head hurt; when did a game get so complicated?




Wait a minute...

we were both wrong. here is a passag quoted from some math guy:

There's a special word for stuff like this, where you could conceivably give it any number of values. That word is "indeterminate." It's not the same as undefined. It essentially means that if it pops up somewhere, you don't know what its value will be in your case. For instance, if you have the limit as x->0 of x/x and of 7x/x, the expression will have a value of 1 in the first case and 7 in the second case. Indeterminate.

Ha. still not infinity. I was closer.

No clifty,

it is not equal to infinity,
It doesn't equal anything.

for example, 10/2=5, so therefore 5*2=10

10/0=X, so 0*X=10.

BUT everything times zero is zero. even infinity. sorry clifty.

i love the title

the dda was awesome too.

is this related to kingdom hearts II at all? if its not then i guess its just a coincidence