Your ass is happy?

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags action author:psycho_co playable unrated
Created 2006-09-01
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description no, he said play this map

its super fun

not too hard at all

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oh and by the way

this map has been sniped


if you tell me that again i may scream

i know what i should do i just havent gotten around to doing it yet(with school and all)

ill get to it


As for the map,

I think you had one too many lasers, or one too many locked doors. Not one of your best, but it could have been much much worse. It was pretty good. (4/5)

Hey, Psycho_CO,

I just wanted to make sure you read my post on your last map, "nemesis". I really want to help you get on the forums because I remember how frustrated I was when I had the same problem. If you want to get on the forums, try doing what I suggested on that map. I'll play the map soon...