Simplistic Redux

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Author Kablizzy
Tags action author:kablizzy playable rated
Created 2006-10-10
by 6 people.
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Description My original "Simplistic" (Included in N v1.4) was on Numa long before it had a place in the game. However, the Numa version had two inconsistencies with it - So I've resubmitted it for everyone's enjoyment.

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I wanted to post one faster than yours, but it didn't actually work out that way.
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Here my all gold demo, just so I could beat you, Blizz :)
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Until now, I didn't realize that the switch was off place. How did M & R mix that up?

I loved that level in the game, so naturally, I've 5aved this.


Here's an All-gold demo, just in case someone needs to see how it's done. =/
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Thanks. The two inconsistencies were that the exit switch was off-place, and the Ninja was located on top of the exit door, instead of a couple tiles up. Thanks for the vote!


im in aw...member number 2! thats insane! what were the 2 inconsistencies? 5/5 just because its included in Nv1.4, cause thats really cool