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I'm Kablizzy, and I was the first registered user here on NUMA. I am an ancient relic from past times, and I have since been long forgotten by most. That said, this is my obelisk to stand the test of time. At least until the site dies, anyway.

I was head administrator for the community for a number of years, and a proud part of the Legacy Project. I now frequent the metanet Discord on occasion, and poke my head around from time to time.

Not much of a profile, I know. Let me take this space to thank everyone who has supported Metanet, NUMA, Legacy, and the Forums for all this time. It means a lot to me that you all are such staunch supporters of everything Metanet does, and I'm looking forward to everything that comes in the future!

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Blustery v1 Aerial Energy Harvester v1 Blustery Riot in the Subway Path B (Because A has Mines) Worthie