Beacon of Distress

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Author Kablizzy
Tags 1.4 action ampersand author:kablizzy legacy playable unrated
Created 2020-06-22
Last Modified 2020-06-22
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description We were on a hunt for more vertical maps, and we made a concerted effort at points to manufacture more vertical maps - or, at least maps attempt to make use of verticality in relation to a whole map, but less so in forcing the player to adapt to only having a vertical space to play in, and then inhibiting that space in multiple ways, and this was very much one of those.

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sometimes the middle bounce block ends up in a position that make it very hard to ascend.
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I think i can get a faster agd. I laughed the first time i died to the mines at the very bottom, going up was fun.
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