White Unicorn

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped bitesized epic flowy linear medium playable rated
Created 2007-01-12
Last Modified 2007-06-23
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description there and back.. enjoy..

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slippery fingers :p


I reported abuse by accident. Sorry.
I hate this one in particular
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This would be

the greatest asset to N 1.5

5/5 and easily faved.
It's so goddamn brilliant.
nice tileset and great start to the level.
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it's really nice, but it's nothing extra special or new =P
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Sendy? You think my penis is long and ahrd too?


You don't rate maps up just because they are named after songs you like. Wolfmother are shit, anyway.

You get a 4.5, rocket.


the only thing I find remotely hard is the gauss turret. The rocket is just annoying. And I agree that it is way too long, maybe because I don't like to and back maps.
Take that however you will. However, 5aved, in case there was any confusion.
It's long & hard.

Rating Pending.
Wolfmother is just awesome enough to bump it up to a 5. Great job!

Pathetic Death

Got to the switch, though
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Rocket won't stop following me!!! 4.5/5 because of that


great map. great useage of thumps.



Hey great!

This is top rated, I think this will get bitesized too. =D
Congrats! But sent demo please.


What a mistake! Great map, but because I didn´t like the space
inside the tiles I´ll give you 5. (Demo was made with fbf. =D)
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Amazing map.

Great job.

Brilliant level..

There's nothing I have to criticize... 5aved.