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Author Cheesy2
Tags author:cheesy2 playable race rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-29
Last Modified 2005-04-29
by 7 people.
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Description The first part is a cutscene. Don't move until you pass the layer of platforms. After that, hit the switch on the curved platform until the two doors open. Run through them. From then on, your goal is to get yourself and the rocket to the goal intact. When there, explode the rocket in the little cave-in (Marked with a mine to prevent confusion) and get in the exit to win.

PS: Post demos!

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Wait a second...

Not another one! You're supposed to destroy the rocket in the cave-in at the end, not just run away from it! My god...
Rather than just randomly giving it a bad rating, how'bout giving me some constructive criticism on it?


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I'm stupid. Sorry, I misread the description. I thought you just had to make it to the end. My fault. Sorry!


Hate to question the authoritah of my peers again, but why have "easy" as a title when you destroyed the rocket, Mathx?


While I like the concept, it could have been much better achieved through usage of A) No DDA beginning and B) use one-way platforms for flat floors. That way the rocket can go through them, and my strategy would be destroyed.
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Neat concept. Although i thought that after the beginning DDA part it should have put you on top of those switches that spell start, so you dont have to run and hit them yourself. It would have a better flow.
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