3 Suns

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Author MacrossDreams
Tags author:macrossdreams bitesized featured playable rated uncategorized v1.2
Created 2004-06-09
by 17 people.
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Description An easy but funny and beauty map ^^

This map was featured on 2015-02-07

Father and son gazed at each other – they had almost made it. Their makeshift means of escape had served them better than expected. Suddenly, though, the son stopped. „Look, father! Over there! Near the suns! Gold!“ And with these words, he set off towards the blazing trifecta that adorned the heavens, ignoring his fathers cries. Seriously, what kind of a ninja would he be if he didn't collect that? He, Icarus, would show everyone what he was made of! were his last thoughts before he plummeted to the ground, dead. He had come too close to the sun. — lifdoff

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why does the thwump do the springy thing
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its pretty tight some user i've never met reviewing a macross map

i like feeling a person's style in maps


All gold is virtually impossible. I really don't think this is bitesize worthy, but whatever. 3/5
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Not Easy.....