The Chasers War II : Double Agent

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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac bitesized ctrdda dda featured rated
Created 2007-03-02
Last Modified 2007-07-13
by 157 people.
Map Data

Description This is a CTRDDA (Chase Teh Rocket)DDA that follows the same principle to Clifty's , (yes i PM'd him for permission to use the name)

This is an original idea and i'm surprised I managed to pull it off, if you think the DDA is too slow then too bad, the rocket only has one speed.

This map was featured on 2010-06-30

Allow me to present the first-ever triple review, co-starring gloomp, palemoon and sidke:

hello mister numa nice weather today huh? oh it is raining over in your house that's too bad. wait how did rainclouds get into your house didn't you put up any screens. S-Stupid ninja! It's not-Not like i like you! or anything! I just happen to be going where you are, that's all! Just shut up and stop looking at my chest! Idiot! gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp sidke gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp gloomp sidke gloomp. — flagmyidol

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Out of the three,

I like this one the best. Close to the ending where it picked up with the CTR parts. Very relaxed and innovative at the time. Most DDAs of this era were fast-paced. I had this favorited for a while. Good job.


what atob said

It's not impossible

it has been done.


thats impossible

i remember this.

is this the first one to get featured?


Cool idea maxson. I'd like to see that done as well.
where you chase one of them and the other chases you? CTRKRADDA

Someone please do this.


I wish you guys had put a little more effort into the review, between the lot of you you could have made something cool instead of random. :(


Oh, I see. Well, in that case, keep up the good work!


But Cooby, all four of us liked the map, so it was sort of a screening process.

Demo Data
check out nreality. I got my star, but Oleary smoked me.

This map is amazing, th ninja gets burned with rocket exhaust so many times . . .
if races are okay to feature, so are dda's, n-arts, and anything else.

/my two cents
Kinda cool that it's finally getting featured.
But I guess this type of work deserves a remembrance.
The map is /good/, not great.


thanks guys <3


This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said "group review," flag. Nonetheless, an excellent choice for a feature.


did it post it twice?


i ddnt know this was a dda for a while.


i ddnt know this was a dda for a while.


CTR is clever and harder than KRA

Or... maybe I'm just lazy o.O

Sweet feature. I must be old-fashioned; I just love DDAs. :P

Slow Speedrun

Demo Data

beat A_F

Demo Data

I completely forgot this was a DDA.

Even faster

now i will stop spamming
Demo Data


but still havent beat A_F
Demo Data



speediest speed

Demo Data


Demo Data

Faster speed.

Demo Data

DDA featured? :o


Oh, and look at that crazy review.


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If anyone's curious, my new userstyle for removing all Featured boxes from NUMA should be up on github soon.

this should have been the review for muse.

HavenĀ“t seen this yet. 5/%

I couldn't tell who was the middle and who was last. Sidke or Palemoon.