Maximum Ride

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr rated tileset
Created 2007-03-19
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A Tileset Ded to Max Ride for being such an awesome member of the community.

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btw, thats just my last name!

anything really just make it cool looking

thanx soooo much

I made one for you:

okay, kkstrong,

what do you want to symbolize your name? an arm w/ a bicep?
leave the zero off my user name just make it kkstrong

I want one!!!

I think I deserve one becuase I have been so devoted to NUMA lately, but I dont think I really have a style really

I have somewhere like 4 or 5 bitesized maps,and I used to have like 40 rated maps before I deleted them,a nd for a newbie, thats no easy feat!

I've probably spent somewhere around 1000-1250 hours on NUMA and N gameover the past year, and thats why I thikn I should get one

oh by the way 4.5/5

why remote,

do you want one, ill be much more origional...
just because it isn't to you doesn't mean you gotta hate. :P

no offence Max_Ride

martyr, i acually cant beleive you.

you cant just take uNcoN's style like that! you didnt put any real though into this. and although i do see what you were going for, it just doesnt work when your copyign someone else.


1 rate lol

thanks so much dude

that is very kind of you! 4.5aved.