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Author kendogg102
Tags author:kendogg102 bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-04-04
Last Modified 2007-04-04
by 66 people.
Map Data

Description New kind of map I thought up where you ride a thwump up while some tiles try to push you off. If you fall off your done, so watch your step! Oh and there are some other goodies as well.

**edit** changed a tile I didnt like

This map was featured on 2009-09-30

Searching through my favorites seeking a map to review, I came along an author named kendogg102, After playing his map again, I realized that this map contains one of my favorite concepts. Traveling through the 5 tiles to the one-ways up above and beyond is a difficult challenge, the map has yet to be completed by anyone. Kendogg will be missed. — eternal_moonlight

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Ahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. It's a fun map.


still slow, but a little faster than kenoshakid's
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I love Blizz's comment, and I love that it's from...2007. Nothing's changed, Kablizzy. Don't bother coming out of retirement.


You obviously haven't seen very many maps. I didn't really enjoy this. At all.

I love it

it has to be the most original, fun, and visually apealing map I have ever seen. 5aved


this is genius.

Man that sucks, same stuff up.
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It was a speedrun 'til I stuffed up
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I favorited this

Way back when

I remember this map

I remember when it was bitesized too. I think I might have bitesized it...


I thought I had a map like this at one point... but I won't look through my archive to find it, such a waste of time.

Great map.

This map

is made of pure awesome. Thanks for featuring it, E_M.


that, as a featured, I 5aved.

extremely fun map =D

oh no wait a minute

that one came first my bad

fun but hard

reminds me of Gasoline Rainbows in the Streets [] by MidnightGetaway even though this came first.

i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you´╗┐ don't shut the hell up with this heron crap and don't play the map i will fly into your house tonight and make a mess of your face

epic map
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Thanks Bob

'Twas my favorite of all my review choices.

lol @ Kablizzy

excellent choice e_m




I tried.
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It is a cool map.

However, the bottom area looks a little off, and the map is overly long. 3.5/5

nice choice

always cool seeing a map I've faved when I go to the homepage :)


time this was featured!


Sorry about the early review PALEMOON, Ad, I have school tommarow at 7:30 and I don't have time to get on the computer.


This map was made mostly to display a new concept that kendogg thought up.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
5/5. This inspired me to make a mine jumper, in a roundabout way.

I actually hated it

out of all these people, i think i am actually the only one who hated it i rate 0/5!

the thwumps

you can find out how to do them on the numa forums. Its involves editing the level code to manipulate them.


i really really want to know how you did that with the thwamps


I think you did an awesome job on this map. I give you a 4.5!

Nice idea

How do you get the thwumps to do that. Very clever

very cool

The seekers at the bottom sort of detract from the fun. I'd have used normal drones. Otherwise, excellent, 5/5.
No demos today :P

5 +fav.

Such a beautiful concept.

I really liked it.

*Walks away*



in_dub, just press '~' or '\' at the main screen of N.