In mother Russia, the map plays you!

Thumbnail of the map 'In mother Russia, the map plays you!'

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Author mc_george
Tags action author:mc_george playable rated
Created 2007-04-14
by 13 people.
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Description Happy 100th, me!

This map is good for some short fun. It's not too hard, yet not too easy either. I'd say the difficulty is just right.

Beat my all gold demo, and you'll receive a dedication!


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Happy 100!

Aw... I'll /never/ get that many...
Don't quite like this style as much as others. Still pretty nice. 4/5


love it! i like the plscement of everything, and this is very fun.


Great map.
Nice GP.
Perfectly timed enemies.
Demo Data
havnt you already had a 100th map.


Nice demo.

Too bad I'm too slow. :(

Very nice and open map.
Couldn't get a demo even close to yours. I may try later though. 4/5.

All gold demo

As per normal. The demo is pretty fast, but not perfect.
Demo Data